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Round 7: Gunina and Foisor are leading
guninaAfter the free day the players showed the tense struggle in their games. On the first board playing white Valentina Gunina won against Thanh Trang Hoang and replaced her opponent on the first place. Cristina-Adela Foisor defeated Viktorija Cmilyte and became the second leader in the EIWCC.

On the third board Marie Sebag could have received good winning chances in the game against Anna Muzychuk but played not aggressively enough. Later on Slovenian player got a comfortable position, increased her edge and lead the game to the victory. As a result rating favorite Anna Muzychuk improved her tournament situation and shares the third place together with Thanh Trang Hoang.

 A handshake between Valentina Gunina and Thanh Trang Hoang
 Cristina-Adela Foisor and Viktorija Cmilyte before the start of the long game,
which lasted 93 moves and finished on favor of Romanian player
 Tatiana Kosintseva made a draw against Nazi Paikidze
and both of them share the fifth place together with five other players
 Anna Muzychuk shares the third place after 7th round
 Elina Danielian defeated Sopiko Guramishvili in the endgame queen and knight against queen
 Natalia Pogonina receives congratulations on her birthday
from Lilit Mkrtchian and Maria Kursova

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